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JERI ROBERTS, RMT will be on a leave of absence until the summer of 2019 to recover from a shoulder surgery.
sharon nolson, rmt and rachel ross, rmt will be filling in at the clinic during this time.

Jeri Roberts


Are you looking to calm your mind and get relief from the physical discomfort of anxiety? If so, I would like to help you. I focus on working with clients with anxiety disorders because I struggle with that myself. I’ve been in practice as a massage therapist for 9 years and recently expanded my knowledge and became certified in aromatherapy.

I’m a new mom to a beautiful baby girl, my little miss Amelia. While I absolutely love my new role, it was a rough start. Not only because of adjusting to the sleep deprivation, cluster feeds, and witching hours, but because I was unknowingly experiencing anxiety. I thought the excessive worry came with the new territory of being a first time mom. After all, aren’t all moms concerned about their newborn getting sick, or the risk of SIDS in those early months?....and it didn’t stop there. There was also a lingering sense that something bad was going to happen. The worry I was experiencing was extreme, uncontrollable, irrational and often leading me to worst case scenarios. Once I began I would tail spin, it consumed me.

Then came the physical symptoms, muscle aches, headaches, irritability, trouble focusing and overwhelming fatigue. There was also isolation and stigma. I felt embarrassed. I avoided social gatherings at every turn. Worrying about the timing of feeds and naps, and germy hands touching my baby were too overwhelming. It was just easier to stay in my controlled little bubble.

Does any of my experience resonate with you? If so, I can help you feel better. Living with anxiety myself, years of RMT experience, and receiving massage to help me cope has given me a unique insight and advantage to effectively provide relief from the uncomfortable symptoms of this condition.

I enjoy working with clients like you because I’ve lived your struggle and I know how difficult it can be. But I also know what it’s like to feel better and I want to help you feel the same way. Let’s get started working together to get you some relief and bring back your calm. Make the decision today that your anxiety doesn’t control you, you control it and schedule your appointment here.


Sharon Nolson, RMT

Sharon graduated and was registered with the province of Ontario back in 2008.She recently moved to Owen Sound from Newmarket where she practiced full time at Access Wellness Chiropractic Clinic.Over the years Sharon has developed her style and uses a balance of swedish and deep tissue massage including some trigger point therapy and stretching techniques when indicated.Sharon understands and is sensitive to the importance of therapeutic touch used to meet the unique health needs of each individual client. Whether your goal is to decrease pain and stress in your body and life or to prevent future imbalances.

Other training includes hot stone massage, pediatric and infant massage, prenatal massage as well as other continuing education courses to keep up to date in the field.Sharon volunteered at the TLC pregnancy center where she offered prenatal massage and counsel as well as providing doula services.

Sharon and her husband Jim moved to Owen Sound to open The Dr’s Inn Bed and Breakfast and to start a ministry called Water’s Edge Ministries where they provide a safe place of retreat and spiritual encouragement, individual and marriage counsel. They have 3 daughters , 1 son in law and a beautiful St.Berdoodle pup named Niya who has stolen their hearts. Life is full but in any spare time Sharon enjoys the beauty of nature, reading, music, theatre and time with family.



Rachel is an Owen Sound local, and returned to the area after her massage therapy studies in Barrie. She lives here with her fiancé Kyle. One of her passions is improving the health and well-being of the people in her community. Holistic health care has always been an interest to Rachel, which lead her to receive her Doula certification in 2010. She believes the best approach to healthy living is to find balance and to listen to your body. Rachel's interest in the profession was sparked when she received treatments herself to relieve tension headaches and quickly fell in love with the power of massage.

She graduated with Honors from Georgian College in the summer of 2018. There Rachel gained a variety of experience through participation in many massage outreaches including Fibromyalgia, Pregnancy and Infants, Sports, Complex Care, and Palliative Care. She is currently expanding her health knowledge by taking courses to receive her certification in Holistic Nutrition.

Rachel believes in the power of Remedial Exercise and loves to incorporate stretching and strengthening exercises as apart of her treatment plans to help her clients reach their goals. She is committed to assisting her clients better manage the stress of a busy life and reduce the muscle tension that accompanies it.

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