Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing massage therapy can help you take charge of your mental and physical health. It is one of the best ways to alleviate the physical symptoms and calm a racing mind associated with anxiety disorders. It has been proven to help relieve sleep disturbances, muscle tension, and irritability.

  • • Slows breathing, reduces heart rate and blood pressure.
  • • Increases the levels of the dopamine and serotonin in our body. These are neurotransmitters that help regulate and improve your mood.
  • • Decreases the stress hormone, cortisol. When levels increase it can cause mood swings, anxiety/depression, poor sleep and decreased immune function.
  • • Improves sleep patterns by reducing REM (dream cycle) sleep and increasing sleep stages 3 and 4 (deep sleep phases). The deep sleep phase is rejuvenating and
  • restorative.
  • • Eases tension in the neck, shoulders and jaw that often come with being in a state of high stress/anxiety.
  • • Helps calm the mind and creates an overall sense of relaxation.

Massage therapy is most effective when received on a consistent basis. However, even by the end of one treatment you can experience significant relief in achy muscles and feel a decrease in anxiety and stress/levels.

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